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Re: Cockpit View - should it be forced? More options.

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
Should not be forced. Like someone mentioned earlier with the grass. Look if you're too stupid to turn off things that block your FOV then you deserved to be killed by those that do.

This is the reason 90% of you will be xp fodder and have been in PS1. You bitch, moan, complain about shit thats easily fixed by actually adapting to your enviroment, but instead go the route of "the dev team needs to change this".
If your fodder in an airplane despite your best efforts then, its not because of something so insignificant as a cockpit. The slight reduction in the FOV will make zero difference simply because planes in a dog fight shoot past you they don't dance around in front of you. Really what difference does it make if someone disappears under your dash half a second earlier then they would have if it was the edge of your screen they were disappearing under. Its very little to none, so turn it off or leave it on but don't flame others for their personal choice. I for one think its super cool and would probably leave it on if we had the choice.

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