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Re: Totalbiscuit Night Ops Footage!

Originally Posted by kadrin View Post
So is no one else bothered by this ridiculously low TTK at 15 minutes?

The light assault dropped him as a heavy assault in roughly 1/4th of a second, you can watch as he takes 4 hits in that time from one source.

He claims it was a nasty headshot but still, I personally think TTKs are far too low if it allows headshots to drop someone that quickly, it's equal to Battlefield 3, not higher like we were told.

Then there is the netcoding to think of, Battlefield 3s is absolutely horrid, easily the 2nd worst I've ever seen in a video game (and quite possibly the 2nd worst in video games period), and with their low TTKs it REALLY shows how bad the netcoding is. All I can hope is that Planetside 2s netcoding is good, especially when they're trying to shoot for 2,000 people when most games fail miserably with 32.
please remember that TTK is currently not set. As Higby said somewhere (twitter i think?) that if he went on another day that could have been very long. it may take a few months of beta to get the TTK just right.
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