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Re: Things Planetside shouldn't copy from League of Legends.

LOL OP if thats all you have to say then I'm guessing you started playing LoL AFTER ranked was put in.

What sony shouldn't do is cater to the E-sports people.

I remember LoL back in beta. I remember when stealth was fine. I remember when if you whined about Twitch or Eve the devs told you to learn how to play.

LoL slowly degraded into a joke after Ranked mode was added. "ooo High Elo can't be bothered playing right" so... Shaco must be ruined, all stealth champs must be ruined.... champs that require ANY thought to play or counter get ruined in favor of champs that is based on things a monkey can play or counter.

High Elo couldn't even be bothered to shroom hunt so they nerfed AP Teemo into the ground. and no, the recent bug fix only really made AS Teemo a little more worth a shit, did nothing really for AP Teemo.

Don't let anything like LoL's Ranked anywhere near PS2 and keep the whole E-sport BS the hell away from PS2.
Support Human's Intelligence over Monkey's Movement. say NO to twitch and YES to the Art of War.

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