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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

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PS 1 had Weather, but most people turned that and vegatation off for FPS. And higby did state that PS 2 will too. But Please Higby, don't let people turn it off. Have different types of rain, sleet and snow, Hurricanes, tornadoes that are random just every once in a while. Everything you get in real Life, but don't let people turn it off. keep the game realistic. If you can do it it would be really cool to see the steam come off the ground on a hot seasonal day as it evaroprates, or to see on a bush you hiding behind the water droplets on the leaves of the plant after a rain. Keep the game realistic. Don't let people turn off the effects for FPS like so many games do that gives them an advantage to those who perfer seeing the game in all its artistic wonder. Keep it realistic. Did I say that often enough. Keep it realistic please.
Well for people who care about FPS, they can replace a particle based dust storm/snow storm with a really short render distance and heavy sand or snow colored distance fog.
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