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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

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Holy cow, good work calling attention to this! This is DEFINITELY something that would be fun.

On the minor side of things, imagine if they added a horrific wind, that made it difficult for aircraft to fly. It'd give the advantage to ground troops and almost ground all air traffic. Now imagine the brave and overly skilled pilots who try to give support in that, and the galaxies trying to land some troops or vehicles (cause maybe the wind causes issues with troop drops).

LOTS of interesting fun could be made with this and without much work (relatively).
Think about the russian winter grinding the german panzers to a halt. It actually gets me excited to think of the possibilities. Having seasons built into the game i.e. dust storms and heavy windstorms playing hell with air assets, and snow and rain mucking down the ground forces here and there.

I'm all for /signing this idea
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