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Originally posted by m0rph|u5
i'm goin to go with the stealth infiltrator role, i like the idea of commin up behind sumone inside their own base, when they least expect it, and makint them feal some steel in their necks..... it would also require quite abit of experiece and skill to do without behing detected.....

i really hope you will be able to drag bodies and possible even clean up blood (anti blood liquid or somethin, splash it on splatter to make it dissapate)...

also i'll probably go with a hacker cert of some kind, this means i can infiltrate a base and turn off defenses then exit leavin a trail of bodies, then come in with the first wave of attack. so if u hear some nutter running at you yeling "hello boys, IM BACK" its just me..... lol

Reminds me of my Aliens vs Predator 2 days. When you know there's an invisible enemy around, you begin to shoot down coridors and pepper rooms -- just to be sure. Chances are somewhere along the way your bullets will hit the soft, unprotected flesh of someone in an Infiltration Suit...
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