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Re: If SOE made Planetside 1 Open Source, what should be community focus?

All I'm seeing from you BFR-Bashing lot is a bunch of whiney little kids going "WAAAAAAAAAAH I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!"

Maybe if you acctually used the things you'd understand.

Just because there's mechs in a game does not make it mechwarrior.

It wasn't because of BFR or CC that planetside was/is dying

It's because of the community being toxic as all hell.

Could lose a finger in here or something.

No, seriously. You're getting up there with the Sonic and C&C franchise fanbases.

Get along, and discuss how to IMPROVE things in-game, not remove them outright or anything they entail outright.

And no, your "br40" excuse is meaningless. The player is customizable and can do many roles. The BFRs compliment this perfectly.

I do not want an "I-Win" button. I want something that a good portion of the playerbase wants back. BFRs are not I WIN. They're about as I WIN as MCGs and JHs.

Only 2-5 people I've run into have been against BFRs and CC in their entirety.

If you want to bitch about something that clearly improves the game, that's fine. but we're probably not going to bother with you.

The reason the game died out stemmed from the fact that people who didn't get the CC expansion were fucked over and didn't get anything out of it. This was changed to be free. Then came BFRs being "OP" (Instead of, you know, working together to counter and kill it), it was nerfed to be weaker than a lightning without its shield.

When you say "jack of all trades is bad for the game", please go look at players with one of each of the following, as an example:

1: CUD
2: Heavy Weapon
3: Rocket Launcher of some manner
4: Medtool
5: Bank
6: REK
8: Grenades

I could go on.

My point being, if BFRs and CC were availible at the start of this game's life, nobody would bat an eye.

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