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Re: If SOE made Planetside 1 Open Source, what should be community focus?

Originally Posted by SArais View Post
Oh wow, looks like someone didn't read my post at all.

"Well established fact" By who? You and the other elitist vanilla-only vets? Please.

Instead of coming up with a decent or reasonable comeback, you simply go "QQQQQQQQQ" instead. How laughable

This is why SOE left. Our toxicity.

"jack of all trades goes against the game" See above with the example.

Rework them then. Overhaul them. It's what everyone else does with other games.

Honestly this is just a ludicrous argument that gets nowhere.

I have high dedication for Planetside. and to see such incessant and ostentatiously obscene fighting over a problem that could be fixed without resorting to drastic measures somewhat saddens me.
Yes, edit your post the same time I post my reply, it's not a huge shock that I might have missed some. Though I addressed everything before you started talking about "I win buttons", the BFR used to be one, this isn't something that can be argued about old BFRs were horribly broken and made using tanks a pointless endeavor in futility while being unkillable without overwhelming it with numbers. Now it's been nerfed to be just so it's an annoying waste of resources on the battlefield that's way too difficult to kill without using way more firepower than should be necessary, assuming it isn't a stupid BFR pilot.

No, graphical data has been presented in the past. Figment probably still has it saved somewhere. Shows that a massive population drop occurs shortly (within months) after the date that BFR's are introduced.

SOE didn't leave because of toxicity, but keep telling yourself that. If they did, that makes them an awful company (they are an awful company still though)

Jack of all trades go against the original premise of the game. This is a fact, it's not something that can be argued about. IF you actually paid any attention to my posts. I've already recommended removal of free rexo, and reducing cert points back down to 20-23 levels. As well as decaying CEP to keep people working to keep their Command rank.

Reworking them. Remove flight variant, remove shields, buff armor, reduce shaking, have jammers affect them like any other vehicle. Remove AA/AI main pilot weapons, more variety in gunner weapons.

Edit = I have found the link, but it's currently down. So I will look for an archived link.
After the introduction of BFR's the response was immediate, they were too powerful. They made outfits that specialized in tanks more or less useless. SOE begins to slowly tweak them. They were introduced in late 2004, with it taking around a year to get to where it is now. The population slowly starts to drop off, and suffers a massive drop starting in somewhere around march of 2005.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that BFR's are the only reason Planetside ended up in this state. But they're one of the biggest reasons. That along side a massive of bugs that never get fixed, and slow responses from SOE ustomer service eventually lead to the game becoming what it is.

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