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Re: If SOE made Planetside 1 Open Source, what should be community focus?

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
Honestly, BFR's killed this game, yes. However, that is because of how they were when they were released. BFR's haven't been OP since they were first nerf'd whenever that happened. People left because of OP BFR's but they've been fine for years.
Fine as in it not broken firepower, but not fine in that they're still incredibly annoying to deal with if the pilot isn't pants on head retarded. There really isn't a way to kill someone who uses a BFR in a intelligent fashion (stay in groups, far enough apart to avoid being OS'd close enough to provide cover fire against infantry/anyone trying to hit shield generators).

A really big part of the problem is the shield and flight variants, removal of these would go a long way towards getting BFR's in a spot that they actually become fun to play against.

And no, Jammers don't not work more effectively against BFR's. Yes, it reduces movement speed and refire rate. However, when you hit a regular vehicle with a jammer, it stops them from firing period. Hitting them with a second jammer refreshes the timer on the vehicle being jammed.

Hitting a BFR with a second or third jammer has never worked properly. You have to wait for it to become unjammed first, then hit it with another jammer.

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