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Re: If SOE made Planetside 1 Open Source, what should be community focus?

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Some stuff.
I really feel like I mislead you with my post. I'm simply playing devil's advocate as I believe you're not arguing correct. BFR's DO fill a roll already filled by tanks. BFR's ARE what killed this game. BFR's ARE hated by the vast majority of current/past players.

I feel figgy (<3) did a great job at explaining why BFR's killed the game, but I'll explain my take on it. I was around pre-BFR's. When the announcement was made about them, SOE hyped them up to unbelievable lengths. However, they were not implemented correctly. When BFR's first were unveiled they were completely unstoppable, a horrible player could get 100 kills before they died. Also, they were EVERYWHERE, everyone and their brother went and certed BFR to try them out. As figgy stated, everyone quit. Pops never recovered, and this is the moment, where I consider, Planetside starting to die. (with the lower pops created a whole new gameplay that isn't how Planetside, in my humble opinion, is meant to be played.)

Once you got the flight variant of BFR's you could fill a role, that required 2 skilled tank occupants (3 if TR) to achieve. It took the aspects of teamwork and communication, in the armor fights, completely out of the picture.

That being said, BFR's in their nerfed state, do not hurt the game as much, they do still hurt the tank game, (but meh that hasn't been a roll since, you guessed it, BFR's were first implemented) BFR's killed the game in two ways. #1) see my aforementioned point, and #2) all new players were constantly told "BFR's suck ect ect" from us who were around when they did kill the game.

My argument is that you cannot simply disable BFR's, it's either pre-bending 100% or post-bending 100% you cannot nitpick as this will divide the community.

As to your point about cyssor-wasp being fixed I'll quote my fellow werner vets in saying "bollox" I was instagibbed 3x in a mossie tonight by a wasp on cyssor. Nothing is fixed.

Sidenote: Wasp is another pathetic intrusion by SOE. "You can't dogfight? How sad, take this it'll make you good".

P.S. (can you sidenote and P.S. in one post idk but hey) Stop saying, "BFR's or hackers". If CC/BFR's were enabled currently, it would not stop hackers. That makes no sense, no p.o.s. is thinking "I'm ruining this dead game, because I can't run around in a cave with no one in it." Keep in mind, we are talking about this game on a private server, if this game ever get's open sourced, which I highly doubt (sadly).

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Hitting a BFR with a second or third jammer has never worked properly. You have to wait for it to become unjammed first, then hit it with another jammer.
This times 1,000. I never understood why they didn't fix this. It was so annoying. Back when BFR's were rampant, I use to "BFR hunt" with deci's/jams in my kit and they would always escape with 25% health because my jam didn't work. Another "bravo" moment brought to you by Sony Online Entertainment.
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