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Re: "What are you listening to right now?" Thread

Wow, another Pitchfork list and another calamity.

Just a cursory inpection checklist:
No real bands like Bolshoi, Big Country, Gene Loves Jezebel, Flesh for Lulu etc. (check)

Hipster BS like Arthur Russell and Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden". It's not even music but random, amorphous nonsense. (check)

No Juluka but copycat Paul Simon's Graceland (check)

No Yazoo/Erasure but New Order (check). New Order simply rips off Disco and Italo-Disco while Vince Clarke actually innovates. He's adding acoustic guitars to dance song before Avicii (RiP) was even born.

I can go on and on on so many omissions but the most glaring one is the jaw-
dropping absence of Midnight Oil's "Diesel and Dust".

It's impossible to overlook such a popular and legit alternative crossover album.

I'm guessing it's far too political, Anti-Corporate and Anti-Globalist that Conde Naste

can't risk people singing/repeating these surversive earworms without offending their

global/multination advertisers. In the age of late stage Globalism, MAGA, and Brexit it's far too incendiary.

There's no way one can miss this unless there's complicit blacklisting/censorship, or I'm blind and just didn't see it in the list.

Interweb outrage in 3, 2...

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