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Originally Posted by Vash02 View Post
Unions arent stupid, they want to keep the business afloat just as much as the owners do. The majority of unions have accepted this and have taken pay cuts and layoffs the past few years. But when it comes, for example, to closing down a call center/factory and moving all the jobs to India/China when the business is healthy...

Also, businesses dont dont have much incentive to pay women equal wages to men when the average pay for women is 20+% below men's. Women cant really quit their job and move to another business and just get the same, unequal, pay.
Gonna have to disagree with you on this issue. I worked in a Allison Turbine Engine facility that was then sold to Rolls Royce. The word was spread that the Brits were not going to tolerate the 36% productivity ratio that the plant had been pushing for years. The GM of the site spent a good six months sending out emails, printing posters, discussing the issue in all hands meetings and we never saw the ratio creep over 40%. One year later they stripped out the manufacturing cells, turned the plant into an assembly/packing plant and reduced the hour workforce by 1500 which was about 2/3's.

After working with the UAW for several years, I am convinced that the long term viability of a company doesn't even work its way into their thinking. These clowns will run a company right into the ground even at the cost of their own jobs.
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