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Re: PlanetSide 2 Region Lock (SOE is working on Resolution)

Originally Posted by Zalmoxis View Post
I would be happy for this game to be region locked. Having players from the US on the Eu server would just strain the server more, have lag/warping issues and take spots from people that are actually from that region and deserve them.

I don't want to experience any problems with people who can't stick to their own region.
Well Im pretty sure there will not be a New Zealand server so Im going to be forced to join an overseas server. As NZ is part of the Commonwealth I would probably be locked to the EU server, which would be on the other side of the Globe and create MAD lag for me. Im hoping I can join a West coast US server as I suspect the lag would be less, so I hope they don't lock me into pingin to EU. I am sorry if this ruins you gaming experience....., actually, no, Im not, for I too am looking for a gaming experience that suits me.., not you. So I hope they don't region lock the servers.

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