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Have you met the human race? They will kill each other by the millions for no valid reason whatsoever. So killing non humans would hardly be a leap.
Don't be naive. I've met the human race, I don't care what reasons are stated, there's always a benefit to be gained from killing. What benefit is there to spending many large fortunes eradicating an entire alien population in a potentially bloody and more importantly expensive campaign due to unknown technological level when 99% of habitable planets don't have a sentient species to fight over ownership and most non-organic resources can be found in uninhabitable asteroids and other heavenly bodies. Under the assumption that in order to be in charge of such things you have to have some level of intelligence, who would purposefully choose to trap themselves in a financial and political quagmire when you could skip this planet and go to one of the other habitable planets that are far more common and 100 times less complicated.

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