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Hey there fellow Auraxians,

Ascent Gaming Community has started an outfit in Planetside 2. If you're looking for a nice group of people that plays Planetside 2 together, in addition to other games, I'd suggest you read on

Time zone: European
Faction: Terran Republic
Server: Woodman

A little bit about us:
Ascent is a Gaming Community made up of a diverse group of people that have been gaming together for several years now. We play all sorts of games but above all we are interested in MMO's.

We feel that tackling content and accomplishing amazing things with a group of like-minded people, friends even, while engaging in friendly banter on our Teamspeak 3 Server is far more rewarding than playing with strangers.

Additionally the improved communication, strategical, and tactical value that voice communication offers is invaluable for content that requires more organization, something that only a Guild/Outfit can offer you.

In Planetside 2:
We have a small dedicated group of players running daily operations where we try to make a difference on the battlefield, our usual M.O is to capture and/or hold smaller outposts while avoiding the "zerg" when possible.
In our play style you will find that we have a good balance between fun and tactical game play.

If you want to be a part of our Community then feel free to drop by on our Teamspeak server for a chat or make a post on our website.

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