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Re: My main concern about the class system

I'm a bit torn myself. I like the idea and I see where they can go with it, but the free-form part of PS1 was a significant appeal.

It might end up being sort of like BFBC2 where you have to choose various accessories from a list. It coudl be things like REK, Medical, bank, CUD, etc are all on a shared list of options. So you have options on which one you want, but you have to pick one.

There's different ways they can go to preserve some of that free choice. Just like there may be multiple classes that can drive a buggy, or use MA.

I think if they hit the common styles of play (grunt medic, infil, heavy grunt, tank driver, pilot, etc) while putting in some reasonable restrictions it could turn out just fine.

The main problem with the PS1 cert system is that it didnt' scale and trended towards do-everything soldiers. The PS2 cert system as they describe it will scale very well, and they can always add in new classes at any time with different cert combinations from the existing cert tree.

So I see a lot of flexibility where they could make the vast majority of players happy and give us some flexibility in decisions with the new system. So I'm going to hold back the fears for now and wait til we see what it is like in beta.
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