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Re: A new Hardcore Mode/Server thread.

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
but you'd also have to squash twice as many bugs
Literally the only thing that would need to be different are the weapon and vehicle stat files, which are trivial to alter.

I see your point as far as balancing small mods, but PS1 has an immense number of facets to balance, and the butterfly effect generated by changing one single weapon's damage is a balance nightmare. There's no way you really think one or two guys could balance every aspect of PlanetSide in such a small timeframe.

You realize that hardcore mode in bad company 2 is quite popular, and is an extremely simple set of changes. Damage is doubled, no reticle, no minimap. Thats all that is different from the base game. People still like it.

I'd bet you good money that you could take PS, double the damage of all weapons and halve the heal/hack/repair/respawn times, and some players brand new to the game would generally like it, and think the slow game is kinda crap. The balance they will prefer is the balance they are used to. Even if the relationships are imbalanced, they'll accept them to a degree because it is what it is.
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