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Re: Periodic Randomization of the Uncaps

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Resource randomization is good, but incomplete. Without the uncap randomization also you'll have the same enemy in the same hex fighting in the same direction. The only difference is the value of the hex will change.
Not necessarily. If the TOWER moves (remember "landing struts"), it could really change the experience. A tower that was in the middle of a field 100 yards from a cliff is now at the bottom of that cliff in a canyon. Very Different Experience (jet packs!)... defending something from waves of air drops from on high would pretty much suck pustulent goat cock (accept no substitutes), but it would certainly be different.

Bases might not be mobile, but going by the way Smed pointed out the LANDING STRUTS on a tower, I'm going to imagine that they won't have a problem with moving them. Dunno about bunkers and bases, but towers look to be Fair Game for repositioning.

And if a tower was always attacked from the west through a thick strip of forest, and are now just the other side of that strip, folks that continue to approach from the west might be crossing a Wide Open Field (and open to all kinds of mayhem on the way in), where as sneakier folks will have to come along that forest strip for a good hundred+ yards in either direction. A Different Battle.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that resource "motion" isn't in the initial release, and is done By Hand when it does happen, specifically to tailor things like this.
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