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Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

What was your first outfit? Are you still with them, or are they long gone?

Emerald: First outfit I was ever in was the Hellfish. Had a bunch of fun times with them until I ended up playing TR on Markov. I'm guessing I was booted for years of inactivity, but I didn't rejoin them when I began playing again last year.

Markov: Menace II Society was where I called home. Always a bunch of fun, and never TOO serious. I spent a couple years here until patches rendered the game unplayable and I gave up the game for years. It's a shame that in the time that I quit PS, they seemingly disbanded and left no trace of themselves.

Werner: Played a bit here, but I can't remember the outfit's name at all. Bunch of really nice guys, but my stay wasn't that long mainly because it was a European server and I found it hard to play (plus I only like the VS for their mag and lancer). No idea if they're still around or what they're doing.
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