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Originally Posted by Leet View Post
These threads usually consist of listing off old school players who were/are good. I'm willing to bet that a few listed on here would get beat down by some of the newer names but hey, the stuff is subjective anyway right?

I'll try to name some 'newer' people for the sake of slight originality here.

NC: HardToBeat,
TR: SwordLord, (I think he gained notoriety a little later on)
VS: This one is tricky, I may have to default on Visigodo

And the air belongs to Elcyco of course.

I only came up with two that would qualify as newer. Help me out!
Three out of those four you listed are pretty much old school PS players. And the reason most of these lists boil down to the old school players is because that's an accurate observation. They simply WERE (are) that good. It was a different game back then. You could measure those players with aim, situational awareness, being in right place at the right time, always having the right gear for the job and a host of other qualities these players possessed. What do you use to measure people that remain today? Number of plasma grenades thrown per minute? Duration of MAX usage on a hourly basis? Ability to exploit the netcode so badly that their opponent is dead before they round the corner? Because all of that is pretty much what the game has degenerated into.
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