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Re: Who's The Best?

Pilot: BobbyShaftoe
Driver: No idea
Gunner: No idea
Cloaker: Outlawpaul
Grunt: AzK, Korndemon, Inf3rnal, Visigodo, Jadoo, Naraj Werner Produced some epic players. Remember Jadoo?
Spec Ops: no idea
Lightning: no idea
Hacker: Alexdeadly for obvious reasons
Medic: [MoX] outfit.
Max: AzK, AngelDT, JeefBeeflips, in a DC.
Spit/Mine Layer: KitoDT Seems like he has unlimited CE.

Shout out for Mohawk aswell. He was good back in the day no idea what happened to him. I think the darkside took an effect on him :P

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