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Re: 530$ gaming build for PS2

Originally Posted by Maskills View Post
The i3 is 1. to expensive for this build and 2. the Phenom would out perform the i3 in task's such as streaming your game on twitch via xplit or doing 3d rendering. The i3 is good for strictly gaming, but this build is good for gaming and more. The extra cores really do help, like running PS2, teamspeak and xsplit and a browser with a wiki open all at the same time, besides the game is optimized more for quad cores vs duel cores. Intel is not always the answer, at this price point amd wins hands down.
You are stretching the purpose of this machine too far. The number 1 priority needs to be running this game the best you can at a given price point. Streaming is not something everyone does, so I wouldn't bother with this unless someone states they want to do it. Rendering is not that common for anyone to do so that throws that one out the window.

That is why you should be going with the i3 for this build. Its only $30-$40 more. Besides that Phenom II will not be purchase able soon anymore.
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