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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
The game was dead before it even came out for PS1 vet's who couldn't see past the original game.
Hamma I'm prone to take a huge issue with this statement if it is meant as a rather wide generalisation rather than applicable to specific individual PS1 veterans.

The fast majority of PS1 veterans were accepting of the principle of change, they simply didn't agree with the changes made and failed to see the logic behind the changes made and elements that were chosen to be changed.

That's something completely different.

Personally I blame the death of PS2 on being far too much like an infinite threeway PS1 cave fight. It should have been an indication to the devs that virtually nobody in PS1 liked cave fights, while "field combat", "campaigning", "defensive farms", "resecure challenges", "(gen/drain) holds" and "massive sieges" were what most players kept playing PS1 for.

The PS2 devs didn't first identify what MMO gameplay was most coveted and what was least liked. If they did, they didn't try to define what made these types of gameplay possible and how other design changes or decisions (like introducing jetpacks) would be interfering with it.

PS2 simply lacked the structure and design choices that make most of these possible, instead being more about zerg to point and spawncamping gameplay than anything else.

PS1 vets gave PS2 more than a chance to impress them. Instead they quickly recognised PS2 copied games designed around short deathmatch and ticket system matches. PS2 devs failed to recognise how an open, continuous world differed from those games in terms of logistics and gameplay scenarios and made decisions that could not be reconciled with it. You cannot blame PS1 vets for being able to make that distinction and not being willing to accept inferior gameplay that could be avoided.

Hamma, just remember that "teleporter firing squads" were designed by developers out of pure inexperience, ignorance and bad insight.

No PS1 veteran nor new player is going to accept such design. And yes, the PS1 player will point out how PS1 did not have that. That isn't tunnelvision. That is experience.
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