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See the thread could easily be fine. But I'm sorry to say, you and a few others don't handle critique well: national pride gets in the way of a proper discussion. If you ask for opinions, don't cry whenever they don't corresspond with your own views.

There were a few people in this thread that gave a subjective good + bad view, where all bad was either waved away and quickly excused with a "but they did", or denied or interpreted as hate, but at the very least it was insinuated to be prejudice.

Did you ever acknowledge your own prejudices though? I honestly can't recall that, what I do recall is you feeling attacked and acting indignified when critized and in some cases basically calling us liars even if we see or provide footage. Even if we say both sides are at fault, etc. Thing is, you asked us what we think of Israël, not of the syrian or palestinian authorities.

The irony is, you described yourself to have "neutral opinions", I think it was clear you do not. You're not Suiss or Swedish, you are an involved, Israëli party, you are proud of your countries achievements and a clear patriot in a way. What you are not, is neutral. You would be neutral if you stood on the sideline like say a Canadian, rather than in the field. (Republican) Americans (in particular) tend to have picked the israeli side. Europeans are inclined to in principle support Israël, but will also be more critical. Many left wing fend to side with the underdog. So expect critique and accept it when you ask for it

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