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Re: Endgame Options

I prefer a DAOC-like End Game for a continent - capture and hold 3 artifacts.

- Artifacts default spawn in a little ancient Vanu shrine, one near each warpgate.
- Artifacts have a unique benefit per-continent, and he benefit increases non-linearly the more artifacts an empire controls.
- Artifact benefits affect the entire empire on all continents.
- Artifacts are "captured" by bringing them to a facility your empire controls, sort of like an LLU from PS1.
- Only 1 artifact is allowed per facility, so controlling more than 1 means the empire must own more than 1 facility.
- Artifacts held too long in the same facility de-spawn (thinking days, not hours)
- Once placed, the artifacts cannot be removed from a facility unless they despawn or another empire captures the facility, at which time it must be moved to a different facility.
- If the artifact is not placed into a facility after a certain period of time it will despawn.
- Artifact benefit scaling is something along the lines of 2% (1), 4%(2), 10%(all 3).

Example artifact benefits:
- Vehicle health bonus
- Infantry health bonus
- Ground Vehicle damage bonus
- Air vehicle damage bonus
- Infantry damage bonus
- Resource requirement reduction (might be too OP and mess with balance)
- Bonus resource awards

I think this is a good replacement for continent locks or "win" conditions. They could make it a big global achievement when an empire controls all 3 artifacts from a continent.
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