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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I don't think it even approaches a replacement. A gameplay mechanic which simply rewards you for holding modules like in Core Combat doesn't relate to the desire for some people to allow for the war to temporarily end with one side being victorious.
The war "temporarily ending" was always a bad thing. Lull, boring, nothing going on, dead time, etc. Then you had a further lull as empires had to start a fight somewhere else.

It almost always came down to maneuvering to double team one empire or the other, and avoiding getting double-teamed yourself.

The only way you really took a continent in PS1 was by double-teaming some other empire and gobbling up much of the continent before they could adequately respond. It nearly always came down to numbers. In the early days it was getting a pop lock on a continent before the other empire, because on those days you could get over 55-66% of the pop for a single empire on the continent and then steamroll it.

That whole mess was rather horrible gameplay, led to some really lame tactics, lots of dead time, and rarely was it a situation where both sides are evenly matched and one clearly pushes out the other. More commonly you had a stalemate and the 3rd empire would push in on one of the two sides, but they wouldn't commit enough to create a stalemate themselves, the'd just cause one side to lose.

The artifact idea is not the same as modules. They can't be held at the same base, which requires you to hold at least 1/3 of the continent, and with such a clear bonus both of the other empires will be gunning for you trying ot get one of those artifacts back to lessen the global bonus that empire is receiving. It also gives you a reason to attack deep into an enemy territory and not just fight at the center in a big stalemate.

It gives you a clear reason to fight on one continent vs another, unique benefits to each continent, and a victory condition without actually clearing out the continent and creating all the poor gameplay experiences that PS1 had as a result.

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