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Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
The really rare hats on TF2 sell for $300

People will pay more over the life of a game in micro transactions than they will on a one off shelf price
But it's not that simple either, though.

For example APB. I've spent 50€ (RTW retail cost) + 120€ to F2P era microtransactions on it. I've played it for some 1500 hours combined. Your usual run of the mill game usually provides gameplay for.. 20-30 hours, a really good multiplayer might have me play it for over 100 hours.

So in case of APB, yes, I've played a lot more of it than any other SINGLE game, but in terms of the hours I've squeezed out of it, the money put into it have been far better used there than in most other games that cost 30-50€ and I play them for a fraction of the time I've played APB.

But yeah, I guess one can still argue that if it only ever cost me the 50€ shelf price and I wouldve played it for 1500 hours, it would've been even more worth the money, but meh

That said, I can actually control myself and my financial. I had no trouble paying 13€/month for WoW, but now I dont play it anymore and my main games are F2P, I try to put in the 13€/month to the free2play games as well. That said, I'm a student again with little to no income, so I might take a bit more advantage of the fact I don't HAVE to pay in comparison to the times when I had income and would simply throw money regularly at games just to support them.

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