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Re: Amazing fights today

Mekala on Amerish was the biggest battle, IIRC. This was their last base on cont after we slapped them silly everywhere else. I think PG was there, I didn't recognize any other outfits. Probably Blue Lions. It took a good half an hour to an hour to push inside the base. More CE than I thought possible was up in every nook and cranny of the SOI (slight exaggeration) but it took quite a few tank shells, jammers, EMPs, and OSes to get rid of it all. The vehicle fight itself was the best part. I couldn't keep track of the number of buggies, reavers, liberators, vanguards, and BFRs the NC were using. Us VS had one GG circling the base after we destroyed the AA guns, along with DARK in a magrider column. There were probably alot more on our side, but I was concentrated on the units down my gun's sight. Eventually pushed into the CY, killed everything, smoked the CE, so the VS try pushing in every entrance. No luck so far, the NC have a very good defense set up (ScatMaxes ) AT calls in a MAX crash, and I believe there were about ~20? MAXes running from the tower. Hacked the Vbay door for them and ran down with them just in case they needed a hacker for the gen door. The crash was halted by a motion sensor in the hallway. We get to the gen room and a HUGE clusterfuck battle breaks out. For every enemy you killed you probably killed a friendly because people were so close together. The VS take the gen down eventually and the NC are quick to retaliate. They grab falcons and scats and take us out, but they forgot the glue gun! We take down their tubes and have a squad of VS hold them inside, while the rest of the VS proceed to the CC. I think we recalled after they got a hack on, so I'm not sure what happened afterwards.

It was really fun. After we kicked the NC off of Amerish, they tried a last stand at Helheim. DARK tried to do a BD drop to the gen but they were waiting for us. We got 3 GGs instead and made them all retreat inside. While the VS kept them busy DARK went to the tubes and got them up. 1:30 left on the hack and the VS regrouped by the stairs and made a massive push up. There were many casualties but at about ~:45 we made it to the CC. Couple NC Maxes in there to clean up but nothing special. About 5 people (including myself) rushed to the console with a blue REK in hopes of having the honor of resecuring that amazing, intense fight.

I'm looking forward to more nights such as that one!
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