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Killing with plasma 'nades as an infiltrator used to be one of my joys, but I got fed up with the inventory restriction so I'm hopeful I can get that going again. Stand on top of a tall rock in a high traffic area and rain hell down on a number of people, watch them drop as they run around looking for the guy with the Thumper.
Agreed. However you were spent after like 1 minute and were unable to take anyone one-on-one. Multiple trips to terms is not how I like to play

SA has always been underpriced for what it was. I've said it before and I've seen others say it before. You had a bargain bin cert and got used to it, that doesn't mean that the change is wrong. Did they reduce the value of the SA package? That's certainly one way of saying it, although I would say they made the package more in line with the cost. The K-Mart cert is gone, hallelujah. The analogy is still intact and rocket science is kept safely away from this board. I'm sure NASA is breathing a sigh of relief.
Thats certainly your opinion, but comparing the current sniper cert's value to the current SA cert's value is a false analogy. They do completely different things and that is combined with the fact that is has been this way since release. I have never once in my time playing Planetside seen anyone try to argue that "the SA cert should be nerfed because it has 3 weapons for 3 points and the sniper cert only has 1 weapon for 3 points" It would be a stupid argument and it is no different when used to downplay the nerfing of SA.

However as I said before, this is all contingent on what order we recieve these new patches. The Devs blundered in the way they released this information to us. Announcing a huge nerf before announce a massive set of buffs? Of course people are going to be confused and pissed
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