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Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
I like the idea, however I think the change should be that the cloaking is temporary. It would be like cloaking in Crysis. Stay still and your energy doesn't go down. If you move you drain a cloak bar. Activating the cloak would be very fast. Deactivating would take about 2 seconds. If you shoot while cloaked it drains the cloak bar. The cloak bar would only recharge when not cloaked.

I could definitely see something that being balanced into the game with weapon limitations.

Again the goal should be to make every class the most amazing thing ever. This definitely does it. I wonder if there should be cooldowns on certain equipment though.
I think cloaking would be to OP in this instance. Having a permanent active sensor shield would work just as well and keep cloakers in their sneaker role as well. Giving them am option to act more like special forces. Hit the enemy hard and fast them melt away.

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