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Originally Posted by Huma View Post
I think cloaking would be to OP in this instance. Having a permanent active sensor shield would work just as well and keep cloakers in their sneaker role as well. Giving them am option to act more like special forces. Hit the enemy hard and fast them melt away.
Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
I don't get the point of this thread. What is the thing you are proposing and what are "everyone's concerns?"
Giving cloakers an optional armor that gives them slightly better armor and weapons for those crazy base fights that render them useless except as canon fodder. Everyone seems to be up in arms regarding cloakers getting anything in PS2 other than improved cloaking.
I understand that we will be able to switch roles at will but why force an entire to role to switch to something they obviously don't want to play just so they can be effective in 50% of the fights? Giving a cloaker the option to wear a little armor doesn't over power them in any way nor detract from anyone else's play style.
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