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Huma to be honest I have no idea what you are talking about. Sounds like this suit has absolutely no space in PS2. I am pretty sure everyone is going to have access to the basic equipment of every class early on, so it shouldn't be hard even if you have to train it. Why should a cloaker user put on a gimped suit with a crappy weapon over a basic grunt load out that will work infinitively better in doors?
Well my reasoning is this. People that play cloakers put a lot of time in on special skills. Currently it takes a lot of investment in certs to make an effective all around cloaker and you get used to having these skills available. But in order to be combat effective in a heavy fire fight we have to drop everything we train for to pick up a kit that doesn't appeal to our playstyle. Giving us an option for slightly better armor & weapons is something cloakers have been asking for since I don't know when. Yes it's not as effective as a grunts as far as absorption goes but it gives us maneuverability and a better gun. I'd rather have that and access to my role skills than play a grunt. Which I don't like playing.
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