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Originally Posted by Xenologer View Post
Looks interesting! Old PS1 vet myself, although I wasn't really part of any established Outfit when I played last almost... 7 years ago now. I'd be interested in getting established in the outfit, if you'll have me.

Is this the place to ask about general play times and class/cert needs? I would assume that'd be a lot easier to answer once beta has started at least, right? I'm a US player in Central Timezone, just in case.

I'll definitely be keeping GotR in mind when it's time to load up!
Hey Xeno, thanks for your interest!

We are still active, usually running a squad and a half during primetime and more than a platoon on Thursdays, our outfit night. For us, things are most active during evenings US-East time, so around 7, 8, 9pm (and this week it's been all over the place, actually). We also have a themed "fun raid" on Sunday nights that usually nets between two squads and over a platoon of players depending on the night.

We don't have any outfit-required certs, but you do join one of our three divisions based on your playstyle. So if you join the tank division, you're going to have to have a few vehicles certed - but you probably already have them, because you joined the tank division! See how that works?

We do recommend picking up AV and Adv Medic because they are two of the highest-utility certs in the game for us, but they're just highly encouraged, not required.

Send me a pm if you'd like more information, I hope I've answered your questions!

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