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Re: VIDEO: A joke, not so funny, but still.

Im offended.

Halo betrayed me.
It betrayed the PC.

Now I burry my fav-scifi shooter for another one.

I dont want any comparisons anymore.
Dont even that its just justice that Planetside2
will get a lot of Halo-loving people who
waited for years for a new title,
without bowing down before
a stranger king on the console.
" Like true Spartans. "

But the copyright-*beeeeep* never did and I personally hope they go bankrupt, lose all fans and commit suicide.
Most pure and honest hatred ignites inside of me just thinking of what Halo has become.

Now it cant even compare anymore.
Planetside2 is MMO and needless to say it looks better.
You can costumize yourself even more! Even your playstile!

And for an end: Halo got no copyright on epic-trailers!!
Dropping as it should be. (English isnt my birthlanguage so pls dont go off cause of spelling)
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