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Re: VIDEO: A joke, not so funny, but still.

Originally Posted by MrBloodworth View Post
This one is better. Due to the NC focus.

Conglomerate, Fuck Yeah - YouTube

This needs to be a real ad.

Originally Posted by Cricetinus View Post
This is kind of funny in an ironic way. I mean we NC are pretty much terrorists technically (insurgents at the very least, which has become the same thing). Fully justified ones, but terrorists nonetheless; it is actually a large part of why I play NC, I always wanted to be an insurgent/guerrilla. Though the capitalist bias thing does fit with the NC depending on the specific sub-faction.
Haha no, insurgencies don't have an air force , tank, engineer and medical corps, Guerrilla's don't take over continents, and it's only terrorism if it's against non combatants, otherwise it's a war crime.

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