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Talking Glad you liked it!

Originally Posted by MrBloodworth View Post
This one is better. Due to the NC focus.
Conglomerate, Fuck Yeah - YouTube
Awesome to see that posted here!

Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
EDIT: Mr.Bloodworth's may be better
Originally Posted by ArmedZealot View Post
Lol and the video you posted is just as good as OP's.
Originally Posted by DevilzRightHand View Post

You made my day with this one
Originally Posted by polywomple View Post
i laughed so hard at this
Originally Posted by GhettoPrince View Post
This needs to be a real ad.
I'm glad I could provide some entertainment!

Originally Posted by Cricetinus View Post
This is kind of funny in an ironic way.
Yeah, I originally did this up in YouTube Doubler as a joke towards the NC's whole "FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!" mantra. As I say in the video's info, I'm rooting for the TR, but when I saw how well the music matched many of the moments in the trailer, I decided it needed to be done as a single video.

I shot it off to Higby and Clegg's respective Twitter accounts, but I don't know if they just didn't see it, or simply can't comment.

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