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This needs to be a real ad.

Haha no, insurgencies don't have an air force , tank, engineer and medical corps, Guerrilla's don't take over continents, and it's only terrorism if it's against non combatants, otherwise it's a war crime.
Historically, insurgencies often do have the same or similar armaments, including tanks if not aircraft (yet), as the governments they attempt to overthrow. Guerrillas have taken over nations of varying sizes many of which can be considered continent sized, and most definitely larger than PS2 continents. And classical definitions of terrorism do not necessitate violence against civilians, only that the goal of an operation be to demoralize and instill fear in the government (or in some cases against the government's enemies); plus that label is frankly thrown around so much that it sort of loses all meaning except 'bogey man'.

My point was that these words have nebulous meanings and that the other empires certainly do use these labels for us, lore wise, especially after the Discovery - 7 incident. In any case the NC have their roots as these things even if we aren't these things now. And I am okay with that.
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