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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

I thought it was an interesting match. What really stuck out to me was how much damage those Liberators were inflicting on the TR, and how little they did to contest them.

I went into watching this thinking that the TR had a huge advantage because they were fighting an outfit that is pretty much the de facto Liberator outfit of PS2, and I thought it was going to be pretty easy to get TGWW completely out of their element with some well placed AA and fighter attacks. The exact opposite happened, TGWW was able to do what they do best essentially unmolested for the whole bout.

The TR opened with a huge number of Mosquitos, but they were destroyed in short order. TGWW simply had more highly trained pilots, so the air war tipped their way rather rapidly. At this point TR basically conceded air superiority to the Vanu completely in both halves of the match, which proved to be a fatal mistake. There were some single Skyguards and Bursters being deployed, but at no time did the TR organize any real air denial, which cost them dozens of Sunderers and thereby crippled their mobility.

Another thing I found noteworthy was that throughout the entire match I didn't see a single MBT being deployed, and Lightnings were all Skyguards. There really seems to be not much room for tanks in high level play at this point.

The ground game was pretty much spot on for both sides. It was hard to follow what exactly was going on (This kind of thing really needs a tactical map where you can see everyone moving around), but you could tell that both outfits were hitting the right targets. NNG showing their typical utilitarian play style, going exactly where they can do the most damage with the least amount of effort, and the TR making several amazing pushes despite taking heavy fire from Liberators.

Ultimately it was the VSs ability to bring in air support at any base that was under threat that tipped it their way.

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