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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
It takes hundreds of hours to become anywhere near a competitive pilot and there only a few outfits in the game that can sustain a competitive air wing. Which means this whole competitive thing can potentially become completely dominated by a few air ninja outfits that are out there.
So.. for a competitive air game, you think inexperienced people should be able to compete? If 25% of your allotted players can be allocated to air, you're good. If you can't get 25% of your players either interested in the air game or willing to practice and learn it well, what does that say about the outfit?

Every competitive combined arms game (Battlefield) has always had an element of air superiority. Given how important it is to winning conflicts, how can a 'competitive outfit' even consider neglecting it?

If you ask me, an outfit without a competitive air wing is not a competitive outfit. There are plenty of good pilots on all servers, though usually spread out around various outfits, 1 or 2 pilots each. If someone were to want to play competitively, they would need to recruit.

Edit: It also doesn't help that SOE has made AA so powerful that new people are highly discouraged from even getting into the air game to begin with. Most people who are still doing it, have been doing it practically from day 1, and are too stubborn to give it up.

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