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Re: Outfit Air Cruisers Redux

Titan mode basically played out like this if memory serves:
1. Standard Battlefield - capture points.
2. Each point you own fires a missile at a regular interval towards the enemy titan.
3. Titans shield goes down after X amount of damage, making it beneficial to own more capture points.
4. Once the shields are down enemies can enter the titan (either through aircraft or a ground vehicle that fires infantry pods into the air).
5. Inside the titan is a generator, that once triggered counts down to the vehicles destruction, and victory.

Potentially it could work in PS, with the right ground vehicles added to allow entry for ground infantry.

Edit: the SCUD launchers could even be called in by commanders - give them command points that could be spent on these and other things. Hell, this whole package could be the equivalent of an expansion for the game, with a whole new game mode in effect.

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