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Well that had a number of interesting tidbits buried in it:

Vehicle info:
The Basalisk has a rotarty chaingun.
Both APCs have two gunner positions.

Armor/inventory info:
MAX armors can't use basic equipment.

Armors DO have weapon slots... and everything but the standard and infiltration suits have two pisol slots. The medium has two rifle slots.

Everyone gets to carry a knife. This was assumed, but is now a known fact.

There is a comment in the light armor about being able to drive any vehicle. There is no corresponding comment under any other armor. This COULD (but probably doesn't) mean that the standard, infiltration, and medium armors are excluded from driving some vehicles. I personally expect all these armors to be able to drive everything. 'Cept maybe the medium.

Everyone starts with the "standard assault" cert (amp, empire's pistol, suppressor).

Other stuff:
Several weapon certs cover more than one weapon, but not all.
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