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Re: Is nobody else depressed about having 3 factions again? Wouldn't 0, 2,or 4 be bet

Originally Posted by Serisno View Post
Originally Posted by basti

Now, lets get to your actual concern: The issue.
Yes, its true, it sucks sometimes, but the problem there is not 3 factions, the problem is the lattience. It often forces your path, because doing back operations is pretty impossible with the right teamwork, and teamwork (the good outfits) mostly left years ago. That wont be that way in planetside 2. For once, going behind enemy lines seems to be easer this time, and besides that, those skilled outfits will be everywhere, filling up their ranks, doing awesome stuff. The Issue planetside has right now wont occur that much in the sequel, if ever at all.
They have mentioned that they are working on a new lattice system that is much more granular and should "solve the problems of Planetside". So maybe they have found a way to end the days of cyclic battling through a lattice upgrade.

I suppose I can just hope that things are in good hands and wait to see what happens. Worst case scenario I'll have a new shiney version of PS to play.
Basti nailed the source of the issue. Both of your complaints (3-way stalemates, and 1 empire getting screwed by having to fend off 2 attackers on 2 different fronts) I believe will be resolved by replacing the Lattice system with a hexagonal Territory Control system.

PS1's Lattice has the effect of funneling attackers down a very limited number of avenues through which they can take over the map. While the battle rages on a cont, any given time you almost never have any more than 2 or 3 different enemy bases you can attack through the lattice. And it's normally only 1 or 2 bases where the zerg currently resides. This channeling effect is limited even further by Capital Domes.

The end result is that all 3 empires have the vast majority of their forces channeled along a specific path with very little opportunities to deviate, and inevitably all 3 empires end up colliding at a triad of bases where you're only viable option is to attack one of the other 2 bases in the triad. Thus the frequent 3-way stalemates you see today around triads like Gunuku/Kaang/Itan, Ghanon/Ixtab/Acan, Baal/Akkan/Dagon, etc.

However, with the territory control system, each time you conquer a Territory you'll have the option to fan out in multiple directions, and will most likely have anywhere from 1-4 adjacent territories you can attack, at each territory you own along the front line. And the number of attackable adjacent territories along your front line will grow as you take more territories and the front gets bigger/longer.

I suspect that once you conquer a significant portion of a cont (say, 25%), at any give time you'll have anywhere from 10-12 or more different territories you can attack that are all adjacent to territories you control (depending on how much they divide up the map). And instead of having these narrow channels/lattices force-funnel your troops towards one target or two targets, you'll have fighting happening all along your front line, in multiple locations.

And unlike in PS1, you always have the option to attack any enemy territory you want on the map, so if the battle stagnates and a stalemate develops you can always start something behind enemy lines.
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