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Re: Poll: One stab kill?

I'm not for the insta-gib, insta-swipe. That stuff can stay in MW, MAG, and anything else it's found in. If the knife is used as a bayonet, I can see it working along the same concept as Gears of War use of the chainsaw. Takes a half moment to rev up, and getting shot shuts it off for a few moments, but that should lead into a lengthy insta-gib animation as well.

I do think cloakers may as well get an insta-gib backstab (that's loud and forces a temporary uncloak) because right now, they're using methods to quickly kill people anyway via boomers/pistols. In rare cases, they're on top of a wall lobbing plasma grenades.

But a lot of this is speculative on what a cloaker can bring with them in PS2. For all we know, a knife and a REK is just about the extent of their kit.
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