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Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
I've heard quick knife mentioned a few times and was curious, does that mean instant kill or simply that knife has its own bind and available all the time?
Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
I'm not for the insta-gib, insta-swipe. That stuff can stay in MW, MAG, and anything else it's found in. If the knife is used as a bayonet, I can see it working along the same concept as Gears of War use of the chainsaw. Takes a half moment to rev up, and getting shot shuts it off for a few moments, but that should lead into a lengthy insta-gib animation as well.

I do think cloakers may as well get an insta-gib backstab (that's loud and forces a temporary uncloak) because right now, they're using methods to quickly kill people anyway via boomers/pistols. In rare cases, they're on top of a wall lobbing plasma grenades.

But a lot of this is speculative on what a cloaker can bring with them in PS2. For all we know, a knife and a REK is just about the extent of their kit.
Hey now there will be none of that dirty talk. Cloakers get some strong attacks but all of them are dead give aways or are loud already. No cloak dropping from anything should happen. I think knives are fine the way they are. If someone wants to instagib someone they can pull Melee boost and go look for someone with low enough health.
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