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Originally Posted by Huma View Post
Hey now there will be none of that dirty talk. Cloakers get some strong attacks but all of them are dead give aways or are loud already. No cloak dropping from anything should happen. I think knives are fine the way they are. If someone wants to instagib someone they can pull Melee boost and go look for someone with low enough health.
No, they drop a boomer at your feet, which by the time your client gets that info they've already pressed the button at their end. You're only other cue you're ****ed?


At least with a knife the guy is stuck there, and only affecting one target at a time. The issue with the 2 knife hit in PS1 is that barely anyone uses it, because to get anything out of it worth calling killing power is to have melee boost and to have it revved up. Who does that? By the time the cloaker is capable of initiating an attack, the other guy has long since realized someone is there. That's why cloaker deaths are far too often boomers and handguns. They're far more sudden, and simply faster and easier to pull off and let's be honest, escape from.

The dagger part of cloak and dagger needs to be encouraged this time around.

"Planetsiders aren't Wolverine with sharp stabbing weapons built into our hands that appear in an instant."

Wrist blades. Though that should probably be an armor upgrade or something. If there are to be quick knives, they need to be slow and weak. At least with a wristblade upgrade, you may be sacrificing another perk, but you get faster strikes. Still would rather no quick blade at all though.
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