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Re: Mossie is a TR Vehicle?

Originally Posted by Higby View Post
I replied on Twitter, but I'll reply here too.

I've been having a lot of fun watching you guys speculate about this the last couple days, a couple of you got it pretty much dead on:

Each empire has their own unique air fighter in PS2. The Reaver belongs to NC, the Mossy is TR. The VS have a new fighter that we're currently calling the Dyson, although that may change (and no, it's not powered by cyclone technology or a smarty-pants British accent).

Each has slightly different flight mechanics, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities which help to reinforce and round out the empire.

Each of these fighters will serve multiple roles depending on how the player loads out the vehicle, you can configure any of them to be more air-to-air orientated, air-to-ground orientated, etc. You'll be able to change out afterburners to get more speed, or armor to get more durability, countermeasures, radar dampening, etc. We're working on a lot of really cool gameplay here, I think you all will be stoked and I can't wait to share a bit more about them soon! =)

May i suggest that you guys get us a screeny of the dyson asap, and we decide its name?

edit: and damn, it should be powered by british accent! Its engine sound should be "Bloddy hell Bloddy Hell Bloddy Hell"!

edit2: Also, its quite evil of you leaving us alone with our speculation, letting us cook in our own misery!

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