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Re: Stop SOPA From Becoming Law

Awesome pointers thanks Captain!
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P.S. Hamma for president?

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I don't know the details (though I have read an article about google's and facebook's lobby being somewhat successful and the act is way less strict than it was in the first draft), but how about moving the site somewhere outside of the States?
They are seeking to use DNS blacklisting of some sort, so your ISP would blacklist a domain and then you would not be able to resolve it correctly. This could certainly be bypassed by using an offshore DNS server or something. That's one of the more amusing things - it doesn't totally bring it down it just breaks DNS. You could still access the site via IP address for example if you knew it.

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Second Amendment:
Agreed and I exercise that right myself but Congress just ignores the people and is controlled by $$$$

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