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Re: Please let us know you experience with PS 1

I feel like I've typed this before

I've been playing since Beta, I started out on TR playing on Emerald. I bounced around a few outfits for awhile, then found something of a home with Anarchy 99. In mid-2004 Malign (Dreaded) moved to VS to resolve some intraoutift drama, a few of us moved with him and DARK was born.

In 2006 I was given OL of DARK when Mal left the game, I led the outfit until 09 when I gave it over to OneBadDude; so I could focus on RL issues. Since then I'm still pretty involved in running the outfit, though I am officially 'retired'.

In-game I almost exculsively cloak (although I've been pulling Rexo from time to time, now that it's free for me). I started cloaking early on because it was a way to enjoy the game dispite my terrible FPS. I stayed with it over the years because I really enjoy the 'tactical' undergame involved in out maneuvering an opponent while sneaking around a base. I also enjoy running tactical ops on a larger scale, and sitting in enemy bases gives me time to plan and stratigize while waiting for a room to clear out or a door to open etc... I also consider myself to be a pretty good Galaxy pilot (of the old days when gal pilots were actually considered to have some level of 'skill' as opposed to just having the cert).

I'm pretty active in the VS /c; mostly trying to mitigate the chaos, in order to generate some tactical usefulness in the channel. Although that has become increasingly more futile in recent years...
That last bit about /c has only become truer with time. Oh how I long for the days when Atva was the worst thing VS-Emerald /c had to deal with...
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