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3-Way battle simulator

I wanted to guage how a 3 way battle might turn out on a roughly square continent, so I built a simulator. Check it out here:

This doesn't take into account footholds, facilities, resource values or behind-the-lines, but what it does take into account is:

1. Each empire will take one hex per tick
2. A hex should only be able to change hands once per tick.
3. An Empire cannot take a hex it has no connections to
4. Empires will strongly favour (but not always go for) hexes they have most connections to.
5. Empires will favour (but not always go for) empty hexes over enemy hexes (resources without a fight).
6. Empires will fight any other empire, they don't gang up, their target is basically random, but weighted towards the above rules.

You should notice that empires will broadly stay in their own regions, but not exclusively, an empire can lose its home region but continue elsewhere.

I might add the notion of footholds to see if that changes how the front lines move around - I wanted to test a theory that empire locations won't change as much if footholds(starting hexes) are uncapturable.

I would be happy to release the code for this simulator to anyone that wants it, to expand on it - its in PHP/JQuery and just uses sessions - no databases etc.


PS. Please don't abuse my webserver! Run it for a bit, then turn it off, no leaving your comp running all night seeing what will happen - because what will happen is I will remove the page... thank you!

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