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Re: 3-Way battle simulator

Originally Posted by Zulthus View Post
Seriously dude. Do it yourself, until then, don't be a dick.
Sirisian works in the video game industry.
He's also a dick.

On a more related note it's a great try. As previously stated writing this in JavaScript (or maybe making your own Flash Applet -- Hint hint) would be helpful. If there's anything I REALLY found disturbing though, it's that this should really be a triangle. For simulation purposes. Also as previously stated add more weights to already existing probabilities of an empire capturing a specific tile... maybe adding a background layer that shows an example continent (with low opacity of course)

That is, if you plan to get serious with this simulator. If you really get complicated, and get more experienced coders in to help, you could hundreds of commanders coming in twice a day each to test something out. Awesome concept
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